The Acai Shop

We just love Açai !

The Açai Shop provides the public natural, fresh, delicious, organic Acai Bowls. The Acai fruit-packed bowls of sun-drenched goodness invite our customers to savour the taste of a healthy lifestyle. These purplish, antioxidant-rich stone fruits (though most people call it a berrie) foraged from trees in the Amazon River basin are a healthy treat any hour of the day. We are the first Franchise and specialised Açai Shop in Indonesia.

Our Products

The Ingredients in Our Açai bowls aren't only delicious: They're 100% unique and USDA Organic approved, gluten and lactose free, non GMO and Vegan. The Açai berry variety to get noticed is Brazilian Açai: a purplish, antioxidant-rich stone fruit (though most people call it a berry) foraged from trees in the Amazon River basin. The Açai Shop uses the best quality of this berry – which is 100% organic and processed using an exclusive recipe – in its bowls, juices and smoothies. Our menu of high-quality, organic ingredients and açai fruit pays tribute to the healthy surfer lifestyle. Each bowl, smoothie, juice or cones is an invitation to join us in a nourishing adventure.

Our Values

Our Açai berries are grown within the Amazon rainforest. Straight from the farmer to our outlet in Indonesia. This discourages deforestation, which usually occurs so the population can farm cattle and corn for the ethanol industry. Demand for Açai berries gives the Brazilian people an incentive to preserve the rainforest in order to harvest them. We also support local farmers and businesses, and buy organic, local produce wherever possible. In special all the fresh fruits and cereals that comes together with the Açai bowls or juices and Smoothies. Because we believe that healthy lifestyles are flavourful lifestyles, we work hard to source the highest-quality and most fresh, delicious ingredients available.

Bowls that aren't just for Breakfast

Açai bowls have all-day potential – they can be a healthy lunch or dinner, or a delicious snack to grab on the go. Overflowing with fruit, they’re eye-catching and easy to experiment with. You can create adventurous new recipes and appeal to each customer’s unique tastes by offering customisation and innovation.

Our Açai

We researched the best and most sustainable options and found the biggest Açai farmer in the world in the Amazon Forest. Now we are importing and distributing the best quality Açai available in Brazil to the Indonesia and the South East Asia Market. We established a relationship with the Brazilian Açai growers, enabling The Açai Shop to use the highest quality 100% organic Açai available in the world.

A shift towards HEALTH

Today’s consumers are much more proactive in their approach to health and wellness. Progressive health and wellness consumers are increasingly influential in redefining food culture. According to Forbes, a focus on health, wellness, and sustainability is present at the most progressive food retail and food service outlets. We serve the best bowls filled with fruits and delicious Açai berries.